Poppins & Wayne is a contemporary creative team driven by the latest innovations in technology and storytelling. This uniquely skilled studio perfectly fits todays and tomorrow’s need for immersive engagement. From paper to pixels, from 2D to 3D, from reality to virtual reality.

Our team

Poppins & Wayne built a strong network of A-list professionals to complement their in-house skills when needed. This approach of custom creative teams over a ‘one-agency-fits-all’ structure allows us to take on every new challenge with maximum flexibility and quality standards.


A beautiful virtual reality about the ugly future we face without pollinating insects

What does it take for mankind to start caring for animal species on the verge of extinction? Actual extinction? Or… a virtual wake-up call? Hoping for the latter and assigned by the European Commission’s DG Environment, we conceived and constructed Pollinator Park, a deceitfully beautiful digital universe, confronting visitors with a highly unsettling reality.

The year is 2050, and following a cascade  of ecological crises, our world has been deprived of pollinating insects, healthy ecosystems and wealthy flora. Amidst this dystopian landscape lies a lavish green utopian beacon of hope: Dr. Beatrice Kukac’s Pollinator (P)ark, a safe haven for pollinators and an eye-opener for mankind.

Yasmin Van de Werf talks about the creation of Pollinator Park

Pollinator Park was designed in collaboration with world renowned ‘archiobiotect’ Vincent Callebaut. It’s a 30-minute interactive and emotionally engaging virtual reality experience that immerses you in a futuristic world where man and nature co-exist in harmony, hoping to change your perspective and help write a better scenario for the future.. 

To find out more about the problems we face following the alarming decline of wild pollinators, how we can turn the tide and how Poppins & Wayne hopes to make a contribution to a better world with Pollinator Park, visit Pollinator Park or watch the launch show:


A hybrid interactive experience, you can visit Pollinator Park on your computer (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) as well as in Virtual reality (Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift).

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Pollinator Park in the press…

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Flemish Games Association

De Morgen (Dutch)

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VR Scout

Communication Arts



Concept & Creation: Poppins & Wayne
For: The European Commission
Produced by: ESN, Cousteau Studio
In collaboration with: Vincent Callebaut Architectures, Fixion Design, Stijn Cole, Sakari games, AudioNinjas,…


A future vision and a digital twin for the Port of Antwerp 

APICA is short for “Antwerp Port Information & Control Assistant” and takes you 10 years into the future of a world-leading port. 

It envisions a time where the port evolves into a Living Digital Entity, with hi-tech sensors, a (digital) nervous system and an (artificial) brain. While this “sci-fi” concept embraces the opportunities that come with the rise of AI and merging the physical and digital world, it also warns about the responsibilities that come with nurturing this young hybrid port entity.

Check out the inspirational book & a concept teaser video.

Digital Twin

An essential first step in bringing APICA to life, is to centralize all available data and make them accessible via an intuitive interface or Digital Twin. Combining several seemingly unconnected information layers in a single visual user-interface gives us a far better insight on cause and effect. 

As a proof of concept, we created an actual 3-dimensional Digital Twin of the port.

For: Port of Antwerp
With: Fixion Design


An award-winning mobile experience about the lives of young refugees

Step into the shoes -well, smartphones- of 2 young people on the run. Live their journey, face their challenges and experience their emotions in an interactive story which unfolds through text messages, social media, pictures, etc.
Both fictional refugees’ storylines are based on extensive conversations and workshops with the residents of Rode Kruis Opvangcentrum Linkeroever.

PeaceCraft won a Henry Van de Velde award ‘19 in the “Community” category.

For: iDrops & Pax Christi
With: Senne Van den Bogaert



We’re located in:
Antwerp, Belgium.

Wim Wouters
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