Were you one of the 15,000 visitors who explored the Port of Antwerp dome during SuperNova? If so, you were treated to a unique sneak preview of the port of the future…

It was hard to miss – the floating pavilion positioned at the heart of the Bonaparte Dock. Inside, through an impressive 360° film projection, you had the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the port of the future and the futuristic projects taking shape there. It beautifully completed the circle, offering a forward-looking gaze onto the waters of Antwerp’s first and oldest dock.

And it doesn’t stop at promising conceptual videos alone. We are actively experimenting with data and new technologies to create relevant tools – for the port, its visitors, and the thousands who work there. During SuperNova, we provided a sneak peek of APICA, a concept that gives the port a virtual brain and a face.

Supernova aftermovie

APICA is the digital counterpart of the harbor, an intelligent digital assistant in the broadest sense of the term.

And APICA caught the immediate attention of the international trend bureau, Gartner. They referenced the Antwerp Port of the Future as an illustration of the rise of digital twins during their symposium in Barcelona (November 2018).

Gartner is a well-known global research and advisory firm that provides information, analysis, and advice on various technology and business-related topics. They are particularly renowned for their insights into emerging trends, market analysis, and assessments of various industries. Gartner’s research and reports often have a significant influence on business decisions, technology strategies, and industry developments. Their symposiums and conferences attract professionals from around the world seeking insights into the latest trends and innovations in technology and business.

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