Yasmin Van de Werf (°1982) grew up knowing she wanted to tell stories. She initially intended to do so through drawings, but after getting her master’s in illustration, she ‘accidentally’ ended up working as a writer after all. Following a few years in journalism and advertising, the game scene -and interactive storytelling in general- sparked her interest. 

Today, she is the co-founder of Poppins & Wayne, a creative agency that aims to produce digital experiences where storytelling and innovative technologies enhance one another. Poppins & Wayne’s first production, PeaceCraft, a story-driven mobile game about young refugees, won a prestigious Henry Van de Velde award in 2019. In 2021, the studio released Pollinator Park, a virtual wake up call about the ugly future we face without flying insects. 

In the background, Yasmin also rekindled her life-long love for illustration, with a first children’s book published in 2020. 

Talk: Women in Games & Workplace Culture


Women in Games & Workplace Culture 
Game for Thought Panel

Howest Digital Arts & Entertainment (DAE) last academic year unveiled a new project called ‘Game for Thought’ – a monthly livestream and podcast series tackling ethically-relevant topics in the industry. On Thursday 14 October, join us via Twitch as we launch Season 2 of the ‘Game for Thought’ series at the UNWRAP Festival in Kortrijk, Belgium. 

What is the current status of women in the game industry (both in company-bound and freelance work environments) – and how has this evolved over the past 5, 10, or 15 years? How have female leads in the industry experienced – or not experienced – stereotype threat and bias, and what pieces of advice might they share to young female developers/designers? Why should the topic of women in games be approached in the first place? What is the importance of discussing themes of gender equality and equity within game education – and within the industry?


  • Jedidjah Julia Noomen 
  • Jill Vanparys
  • Yasmin Van de Werf 
  • Dagmar Blommaert

​Moderator: Allie Weis