Take a closer look at how we believe the port will one day evolve into a Living Digital Entity.

In 2018 I had the opportunity to propose the APICA concept to the Port of Antwerp leadership Team. 

All I had was a handful of interactive virtual reality demonstrations, a personal philosophy on how technological advancements will change the way we work in the next ten years, a title and a key image that says more than a thousand words. By changing one letter, the main port system became an assistant with a face and a brain.

Ten years ago only the lucky few had a smartphone or a flatscreen monitor, today our mobile devices are more powerful than most personal computers back then. I believe that in ten years time, physical screens could be a thing of the past. 

Today about 50% of all western adults wear glasses or contact lenses, in ten years time everybody that wants to view a screen will own a pair. Of course the concept screens themselves will fade as computing itself will become spatial and no longer bound to a flat rectangle. 

Never in history have investments been so large as seen today in virtual and augmented reality startups and companies.

Now is the time to not only think about how we will interface with our own content, partners and systems, but to actually start building the foundations for this interface.

That is what APICA as a philosophy represents…

This book captures the conception and continuous growth of APICA. It’s a creative status report of where we are today and an ambitious vision for how we’ll move forward. But more than anything, it’s an inspirational trigger for your imagination.